Kane & Couture at Westminster Dog Show

This week, dogs from all over the country travelled to New York to compete in the 138th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  On Tuesday, we took a break from the office (and refuge from the snow!) and headed to The Piers to catch the Juniors show and admire all of the beautiful dogs!

Handlers between the ages of 10 and 18 demonstrate their dog handling skills in the Junior Showmanship event.  The sport was implemented in 1932 to encourage participation in the sport by young purebred dog enthusiasts; to teach good sportsmanship; and to educate the next generation of dog handlers.

We managed to score some great seats by the ring and sat back to enjoy the show.  The Juniors are separated into categories determined by their age and experience levels; the competitors entered the ring in size-order to compete in two separate rounds before the winners of each round were called in for a final decision on which handlers would make it through to the final show in Madison Square Garden that evening.  After completing a lap of the ring as a group, each handler individually presented their dog to the judge and then led their dog around the ring in accordance with the judge’s instructions.

At the end of each round, the judge took one final look at the group before choosing a number of dogs to progress into one final short round that combined the winners from both groups.  Out of this final round, two dogs were chosen to proceed to the show in Madison Square Garden that evening to determine the overall winner.

After the Juniors competition, we took a stroll around the merchandise area to take a look at the latest in doggy and human fashion.

 A full list of vendors is available here.


We could have spent hours browsing through the beautiful jewellery from Originals by Omar and Hunting Horn along with the stunning bronze sculptures by Leslie Hutto Bronze (and even Kiehls for dogs!), but we were torn away by the gorgeous dogs milling around the vast benching area.

We had barely entered the benches before stumbling across Benny – who could resist stopping for a chat?!

This majestic dog is the #1 Irish Wolfhound male in the country and competes in shows all over the country. While Benny may have a diva attitude to match his #1 status (and a Rider that includes lobster!) he agreed to take a few photos with us and lapped up the attention before moving on to greet his next fans. A true showbiz expert!

You can catch Benny and his cousins leading the St Patrick’s Day Parade down 5th Avenue for the third year in a row as part of the Fighting 69th.

It’s a long day at Westminster, with a busy night ahead at Madison Square Garden following the show at the Piers. But if you need a little grooming before the evening ahead, don’t worry: the dogs have got you covered!

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