Why You Should Rescue Your Next Dog

More and more people each year are bringing dogs into their households. Dogs are the new children for singles, empty nesters and couples who opt out of the traditional family structure. With more people taking dogs into their homes, comes more dogs being put out of their homes for various reasons. 
Top 5 Reasons people get rid of their dogs.....
1. Bad behavior
2. I don't have time for them
3. Dog doesn't get along with my spouse or child
4. Cost too much
5. Where I live doesn't allow dogs
But one man's trash is another man's treasure. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters. Take a trip your local shelter. You expect to find old mutts who weigh 100 lbs and more, but you'd be surprised to see that there is a large variety of dog breeds and ages that are all in need of a special home. The shelter will provide vaccinations and neutering often free of charge. The dog may already be trained and know cool tricks. You may find that somehow you saved each other. 
5 Things to consider when choosing the right dog for you:
1. Does the dog's personality match yours? Are you calm and the dog is hyper? Are you active and the dog is lazy?
2. Does the dog display "good" behavior? Is he trained? Would the dog be safe in your home and would you feel safe with the dog?
3. What is the coat type of the dog? Do they shed? Dander?
4. Do you have room for the dog?
5. Will the dog fit into your lifestyle?
Keep in mind that dogs in shelters have already been misplaced, so if you are going to take the in, you need to be sure that you will want to keep them. Welcoming a rescue into your home requires care and attention to making the dog feel at home. Be sure to have a comfortable place for the dog to sleep, a space for the dog's food, and enough time to shower your pet with the love and attention they deserve!

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