Black Enterprise Features Kane & Couture's Top Tips for Shark Tank Success!

Getting onto Shark Tank is a process. Just because the casting directors call you back, doesn't mean you're on the show. If you want to be one of the lucky 100 or show companies that make it to air per season, you must stay on your toes throughout the entire process-audition to taping. 
My top 8 tips for getting onto Shark Tank are:
8. Give a good opening pitch. To be considered for the auditioning process, you'll have to send in a video introducing you and your company to the Sharks. Put as much energy and requested information in your video as possible. Be informative, but concise.
7. Have a polarizing or stand out personality. Your product may be great, but you still need to be able to make good television. 
6. Know your product, your market, your competition and know your numbers. You must study every facet of your business possible before going in front of the Sharks. You should be the expert of your business and your industry for the Sharks...especially if it's an industry unfamiliar to them.
5. Have some sales and know your figures. Any investor is going to be interested in knowing how much you've made on your own before they put their money into your business. The producers are going to want to see if you know what you can talk the talk before they even let you in front of the Sharks.
4. Be able to defend the valuation of your company. You're asking for an investment percentage that should be calculated against the “value” of your company. There are different and debated methods to arriving at the value of your company. Do your research to find out what’s best for you and keep in mind that if you ask for $100,000 for 10% of your company, it means you’re saying your company is worth $1 million and the Sharks will expect you to back that figure up and prove the value.
3. Rehearse and Be Ready. You have no idea what the Sharks are going to say to you when you walk in front of them. There is no script and no rehearsal with the Sharks, so it helps to rehearse on your own. You could present to a panel of advisors, team members or even friends, and have them role play as the Sharks and ask you questions the Sharks would likely ask. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be when you're actually pitching. 
2. Be willing to work hard. The Sharks aren't looking to partner with you and take all your worries away. They want to make money and you need to prove to them that you are willing to do what it takes to make the coins roll in. 
1. Don't let the Sharks eat you alive! If you make it on the show, you didn't get all that way to get ripped to pieces and sent home empty handed. Stand up for yourself. Be proud of your company and your journey and shine!
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August 31, 2016

I first knew about Kane and Couture through Amber Lee Kane. I love what she did with her pup using your pet apparels. I hope to get some of your best sellers in the future for my little Collie.

Gwen Carter
Gwen Carter

June 03, 2015

I saw you on The Shark Tank, and I can’t even describe how livid I was at the comments from some of the hosts! I was beyond angry. Since then I’ve been praying that you get the exposure you deserve. I pray that God blesses you with your heart’s desire for your business!

I was blessed by your confidence at every horrible comment he made to you. You do have a line, and now that my daughter thinks her dog is my granddaughter, I will be purchasing from you soon!!!!

I’ve got to find out what Autumn’s dog type is and what “size” I should be getting!

But Ms. Amber, there are too many dog lovers for you not to blow up! I’m way excited for you!!!

Quoted from above:

“Don’t let the Sharks eat you alive! If you make it on the show, you didn’t get all that way to get ripped to pieces and sent home empty handed. Stand up for yourself. Be proud of your company and your journey and shine!”

“Stand up for yourself.” Ms. Amber…you did that!!!!!

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