Wordy Wednesday- Meet Eddie <3

Meet Eddie. He is a little cutie that we are fostering for 2 1/2 weeks while his foster mom is in Europe.

He is super sweet and your typical velcro dog. You move, he moves. He’s approximately 2 years old, SUPER chubby, and he doesn’t know any commands (but seems eager to learn . .as long as there are treats involved!) We are a “girl dog” family, and of course the first thing he did when he got here is pee on our fireplace! (not good Eddie, not good!)

He doesn’t seem at all interested in playing with toys or tennis balls which is SO WEIRD for us! We were so used to our playful girl. How is it that a dog never learns to play with toys? Do any of you have a dog that doesn’t? Is it possible to teach them to play with toys?


by Jules- http://www.thedailydogblog.com/

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